Saturday, March 24, 2012

Re-visiting my "other" blog...

I was curious. Were people still actually following my non-existent blog? lol  Yep. I've got 7 followers here...and no blog posts...until now.

The blog I set my focus on is

I suppose there's nothing wrong with coming back over here now and then, right? A friend from church has a blog here too. She writes here as much as I do ;-) But I need to keep up, there were a couple of "new" posts in the last couple of months. Very good ones too, by the way.

Where am I on this journey of mine? Well, I am 31 days into my 40 days of Lent. I gave up Facebook and Twitter so I could focus more on my family and God. Who would have guessed that so much would have happened in these past weeks?!?!

My husband lost his job, I took a buy-out at work, we decided to move to a different part of the state, I went to an awesome concert, I found a church in the town that we want to move to...and all of it, I believe, is the hand of God working in our lives.

Time for a new chapter in our lives...and here it is!

Thank you, Lord for being in absolute control.


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